Gili EshelCommunity environmental sculpture workshops

Educational Institutions, Community Centers and Community Settlements

Environmental-community sculpting workshops that include the creation of sculptures and environmental objects in kindergartens, schools, community centers, neighborhoods, gardens, playgrounds and community settlements. The workshops and environmental activities can be conducted on a large scale, involving a large number of participants simultaneously. Possibility to operate workshops in organizations, institutions and factories, as part of workers' special social focus days, combined with helping and volunteering in the community. The workshops can be integrated as part of social activities, environmental activities, Jubilee celebrations, commemoration events and graduation events.
The workshops can either be held as a one day activity or can last up to several activity filled days.

Private and Family Events

Conducting environmental sculpting workshops in private homes and apartment buildings, creating environmental objects and sculptures in gardens and yards. The workshop can take place as a family activity to mark birthdays, family events or house warming parties. The workshop can also be carried out as a partial contractor project in which the household members take part. The workshops can span over several activity filled days or can be defined as a one-day event (depending on the number of participants, size of the objects, etc.).

Summer Camps and Summer Projects

Conducting environmental sculpturing and practical art workshops for summer camps and summer projects, focusing on the environment. We learn how to make use of "junk-scrap" materials and recycling materials such as plastic packaging, paper, cardboard, scrap-metal and tires, in making personal and environmental sculptures. In the workshop we use special tools and experience diverse techniques that are used in sculpting. Small scale works and sculptures can be taken home at the end of the activity. The activity is intended for preschoolers, elementary school students and junior high students.

4. Design and Technology Art Workshop

סMultidisciplinary workshop for creating environmental objects and sculptures, combining artistic work and technology. In the course of the workshop, we become acquainted with various materials and experience diverse work processes in wood, metal, plastic materials, etc. The activity is carried out as individual or group work, from the initial concept forming stage, through building models on a small scale and finally to the point of creating the final object in situ. We create constructions, kinetic sculptures and designed installations for the public space and the environment. The workshop is intended for elementary school, junior high and high school students, and is conducted over a month, a semester or an entire school year.
(Examples: Mevo'ot Yam, Kiryat Yearim, Eshkolot, Dalyat El Carmel)