Gili EshelCommunity environmental sculpture workshops

Ecological Corners

The Ecological Corners project is a community environmental venture that creates unique seating areas in junior high schools, boarding schools, youth villages and daycare centers throughout Israel. The work is carried out by the staff of the First International Bank and teenagers who arepart of the "Turning Point program", which is the Bank's community project in conjunction with the "Matan– Investing in the Community"association and the JDC Israel Ashalim.

Community and Industry

A joint workshop for students of the Tel Hai Elementary School in Kiryat Shmona with volunteers from Elbit Systems from the Tel Hai Industrial Park. During the workshop, the participants created environmental sculptures for the school that serve as seating,playing and studying spots. The workshop took place thanks to the kind support of Elbit Systems.

Workshop of " 3Rs ":

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Workshops for young artists in Krzyżowa, Poland. An environmental sculpture was created from non-degradable materials, in a workshop attended by groups of young art enthusiasts from Poland, Romania and Germany. The theme of the workshop was raising awareness of environmental issues – the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. The art seminar for young artists is organized by the Krzyżowa/Kreisau Foundation and is supported by the Polish Ministry of Culture.

Community Workshops of The Emek-Hefer Regional Council Settlements

Community workshops for children, teenagers and adults, in which environmental sculptures were created in public spaces of several settlements in the Emek-Hefer Regional Council. The communities that excelled in waste separation and recycling received these workshops as a token of appreciation from their council. The workshops were the initiative of the sustainability and community coordinator of the Emek-Hefer Regional Council municipal department.

Peak day

Leading of a peak day for the Danel manpower company staff, during which environmental objects were set up in the yard of the "Ma'as sheltered employment workshop" in Kiryat Gat.

Sculpting Garbage

8th and 10th grade students in the Ramot Hefer High School in Kibbutz Ma'abarot created eight objects and environmental sculptures out of recyclable materials. The project was initiated by the Emek Hefer Industrial Park unit – The Economic Company for the Development of Emek Hefer.

Turtle Hurdle

A turtle to climb, sit on or play with, that promotes infant motor skills, was built at a Family Health Clinic. The project was carried out as a neighborhood-community project, involving teenagers from the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood in Rehovot. The project was initiated by the Ministry of Health - Rehovot Region.

Biblical Garden

Creation of a sculpture garden in the Tel-Zafririm schoolyard, Hadera. A joint parents-students activity, creating models and constructing environmental sculptures out of tires and recyclable materials. The six sculptures were inspired by Eschatological motifs and images (Book of Isaiah, Chapter 11). The project was initiated by the school management, with their parent committee and the Karev Fund.

Mini Zoo

Creating a mini zoo that includes: a cage system, a bench and a sculpture of a giraffe. Joint student activity in the Galim special education school, Hadera. The project was supported by the Israel Electric Corporation.

Annual Project

Constructing environmental sculptures and various objects out of recyclable materials and scrap-iron. An annual project of the Prison Service focusing on the environment and increasing awareness towards recycling materials. Art workshops and environmental creations by prisoners in eight prisons in the Central Region of the Israeli Prison Service.

Community Garden

Constructing a community garden - A community project by the residents of Beit Itzhak that created unique environmental objects


A project that was carried out to embellish the Hamaginim schoolyard, in Kiryat Haim. A joint project carried out by students, parents and volunteers from the Oil Refineries and the Carmel Ulpinim Factory. The project was supported and assisted by the Haifa Oil Refineries.

Story-Telling Sculptures

Creating a "Story-Telling Sculptures Garden" - environmental sculpture project in the Hertzog schoolyard in Rehovot. The project was modeled on sculptures that were made by 3rd grade students, inspired by children's books. The project was led by the art teacher and involved the students and their parents.

Youth Light

Joint community work, carried out by kindergarten children and teenagers from the Or Akiva "Or Youth Center", creating environmental sculptures in several kindergartens in Or Akiva. The project was initiated by the Or Youth Center and the Or Akiva Municipality.