Gili EshelCommunity environmental sculpture workshops
Gili Eshel, multidisciplinary artist, runs environmental sculpting workshops.
The participants experience a creative, hands-on activity within the community framework.
Together, we create environmental sculptures that are not only decorative and interesting but can also serve for learning and recreation.
The participants take part in an unconventional artistic experience, with diverse structure techniques. Together we create in cement, metal, wood and recyclable materials, thus improving the appearance of the school, the community and the environment.
The end products are durable and meant to serve as expressive environmental sculptures for many years to come. The environmental sculpting activity is adapted to the participants' age group and technical capabilities, placing special emphasis on preserving the personal experience and impact. These activities are intended for children, teenagers or multi-aged integrated groups.
I believe that through joint work it is possible to create a unique involvement in the community, that emphasizes preserving and enhancing the environment, encourages teamwork and pleasure. The workshops can be integrated as part of the yearly program, or as special days that summarize a topic-based school activity.
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